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Consulting Engineering Outfits


Consulting Engineering Outfits

The KISTERS Air Quality Data Management solution can be deployed in both short-term project work and long-term continuous monitoring application. Individual workflows for data collection, data validation, and data analytics are implemented intuitively under the strictest requirements of data security. The ability to collect data from heterogeneous monitoring networks (using a large variation of different data acquisition systems) ensures independences from any particular manufacturer. KISTERS is an ISO9001 certified company that integrates well into your supply chain.

Operation of ambient air quality monitoring networks on behalf of Pubic Authorities

Meet the requirements of relevant national and international standards (regulatory compliance)

Provision of data validation/QA services on ambient air quality data

Air quality monitoring withstanding regulatory scrutiny at reasonable costs to the client.

General-purpose or tailor-made data acquisition solutions: provide real-time ambient air quality monitoring with remote access to real-time data

Data post-processing for planning, alerting, or the implementation of control measures

  • cause-effect studies: traffic counts/commuter pattern and air pollutant concentrations; industrial production cycles and pollutant concentrations; etc.

KISTERS’ AquisNet (Air Quality Information System and Network) software covers all tasks of the process chain from data acquisition to validation, mass storage, graphical and numerical analysis and reporting.

AquisNet is available as a comprehensive software package for both the data centre (data centralization, management, aggregation, analysis, validation and reporting) and the individual monitoring stations (data acquisition, plausibility checks, calibration runs and functional tests, local storage). Alternatively, individual modules can be combined to produce adjusted solutions meeting specific needs.

The AquisNet Team - technical expertise and customer-centered

Close contact with the user community and end-user feedback are sources of motivation and inspiration that drive the efforts of the team behind the product to make AquisNet progress and evolve year by year. Interaction with seasoned and new users alike is key to making AquisNet a state of the art productive working environment.

For more than 15 years, AquisNet end-users from both public institutions and private companies have cherished the unique consistency in dealing with KISTERS.


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