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AquisNet: Paper on Measurement Data Management

| Monitoring | Air Quality

In a workshop at the Air Quality and Emission Show (AQE) 2013 in Telford / UK Edgar Wetzel, Business Development Manager with KISTERS, talked about "Time Series Management in Air Quality Monitoring". The paper illustrates the need and the many advantages of deploying central data management software to regain control over the wealth of data and to extract the best information out of the data.
Main subjects:

  • Data management in heterogeneous monitoring networks
  • „Big data“
  • Economic value of monitoring data
  • Long time analyses and time series management systems
  • Main functions of AquisNet
  • AquisNet Data Centre, data validation and processing
  • AquisNet graphical analyses and reporting
  • AquisNet browser application and mobile app
  • Interoperability and AquisNet

The presentation offers a holistic view on times series management in air quality monitoring. Real screenshots illustrate AquisNet’s range of functionalities, its scope of services and the user-friendliness of AquisNet.


AquisNet is the KISTERS Software for professional air quality monitoring. For more than 15 years this enterprise solution is used by administrations all over the world.

Download the English presentation from the AQE webpage:

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