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LANUV NRW relies on SODAair telemetry units

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The Department 42 of the environmental protection agency of the biggest German land (LANUV North-Rhine-Westphalia) operates the largest German air quality monitoring network. LANUV relies on SODAair to collect air quality and meteorological data round the clock from more than 60 monitoring stations. In this setting, TCP/IP communication with the stations is through DSL and ISDN connections. All incoming data are transferred to the central AquisNet database of Department 42 and are readily available for further processing. Towards the end of 2013, LANUV installed the newest generation of SODAair.

SODAair compact is a rack-mount integrated hardware-software unit specifically designed for remote data acquisition tasks. The LANUV uses SODAair units: one rack unit supports all communication with the remote monitoring stations whereas the other is kept in standby for a hot-swap in case the primary unit fails. All data communication tasks are fully automated. User settings include call cycles, number of retries when a station is not responding, type of alarm to signal station failure, etc. SODAair compact documents all transactions in a log file.

SODAair compact has been integrated into the exiting IT environment of Department 42 of the LANUV. The implementation is fully compatible with the standards used at the LANUV and respects the data security policy of the institution.

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