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AQM Data Management Systems


One software solution - multiple application options

AquisNet’s core functionality is to manage data collected from a network of monitoring stations. AquisNet Data Management Software (DMS) accepts data in standard data formats from any data acquisition system operated in the monitoring station. Alternatively, KISTERS offers its purpose-built data acquisition solutions AQMAS-1000 (ready-to-use all-in-one Air Quality Monitoring Acquisition System) and AquisNet DAS (integration environment for tailored solutions).

AquisNet’s ability to connect to a variety of data acquisition systems and its inherent modular framework of fl exible tools make it suitable for solving many different monitoring scenarios.

Why AquisNet?

KISTERS has cast several decades of experience in developing reliable, powerful yet convenient data management software into AquisNet. Designed with the user in mind, AquisNet does not suffer from the superficiality of off the shelf software. Tightly integrated into the customer’s IT environment, AquisNet makes air quality monitoring more convenient and unburdens the user from all the routine tasks linked to the management of vast amounts of monitoring and modelling data. AquisNet is highly configurable and provides schedulers to automate repetitive tasks from data import to calculation and report generation.

AquisNet’s GUI enables users to interactively explore and analyse data in tables and graphs. As a result, the user has more time left to concentrate on scientific analysis, has the kind of tools at hand needed to develop a better understanding of the data and subsequently finds it easier to develop sound action plans.

KISTERS’ AquisNet (Air Quality Information System and Network) software covers all tasks of the process chain from data acquisition to validation, mass storage, graphical and numerical analysis and reporting.

AquisNet is available as a comprehensive software package for both the data centre (data centralization, management, aggregation, analysis, validation and reporting) and the individual monitoring stations (data acquisition, plausibility checks, calibration runs and functional tests, local storage). Alternatively, individual modules can be combined to produce adjusted solutions meeting specific needs.

The AquisNet Team - technical expertise and customer-centered

Close contact with the user community and end-user feedback are sources of motivation and inspiration that drive the efforts of the team behind the product to make AquisNet progress and evolve year by year. Interaction with seasoned and new users alike is key to making AquisNet a state of the art productive working environment.

For more than 15 years, AquisNet end-users from both public institutions and private companies have cherished the unique consistency in dealing with KISTERS.


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