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Remote Access and VoIP

Remote Access and VoIP

KISTERS actively supports controlled and secure remote access, screen sharing and VOiP communication.

  • Save time and money: remote assistance, interaction and collaboration in identifying and solving user concerns without travel time and expenses. It’s fast and productive! VoIP helps control communication/telephone costs.
  • Secure and powerful: the use of IPSec tunnels makes sure that data, conversations and meetings stay private.

1. Go to website:
2. Download TeamViewer QuickSupport. It is a compact client module without installation.

The AquisNet Team - technical expertise and customer-centered

Close contact with the user community and end-user feedback are sources of motivation and inspiration that drive the efforts of the team behind the product to make AquisNet progress and evolve year by year. Interaction with seasoned and new users alike is key to making AquisNet a state of the art productive working environment.

For more than 15 years, AquisNet end-users from both public institutions and private companies have cherished the unique consistency in dealing with KISTERS.


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